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becca backlight primer: http://goo.gl/7N3g5j
mufe ultra hd stick foundation: http://goo.gl/a2Bw9u
mufe cream contour kit (LOVE) http://goo.gl/vC1c8P
marc jacobs mascara http://goo.gl/4FpEIK
brush used for foundation http://goo.gl/nHXC2K
beauty blender http://goo.gl/gnhOku
nars radiant creamy concealer http://goo.gl/ZOIFsV
becca poured highlight in pearl http://goo.gl/T0zxbJ
burberry cream blush in poppy http://goo.gl/tHHKOX
hourglass arch pencil http://goo.gl/OkwP9g
lid primer (air patrol) http://goo.gl/Ms8gh5
bobbi brown gel liner http://goo.gl/BCYoAt
bobbi brown liner brush http://goo.gl/f0DAXd
anastasia liquid lipstick pure hollywood http://goo.gl/vbB4HX
too faced melted sugar http://goo.gl/wVRFji

*** LINKS ABOVE MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATES. All products shown were selected by me and purchased by me. Sephora has compensated me for this collaboration. Video concept was created by me and products shown were selected by me as always. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.


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